Zendo is the first calm & focus drink on the European market. It’s plant extracts that are fortified with minerals and vitamins are both refreshing and beneficial.

Zendo helps you stay calm and keep focus through a combination of magnesium, vitamin B and passiflora. These healthy ingredients fuel your mind by contributing to optimal brain functioning and help you to get over the stress with better focus.

Plus, Zendo is a low-calorie drink, with no added sugar, no artificial flavour or colours as well as no preservatives inside. In combination with it’s smooth green tea peach & ginger flavor mix, it is an amazing beverage that is even better served cold.


Zendo was founded by two friends, Mathieu & Laurent. We’re two entrepreneurs who decided to quit our stressful jobs and create what we needed most—an easy, safe way to keep calm and stay focused to meet our goals under pressure.

But it wasn’t just us. So many smart, ambitious people were having a tough time achieving their goals because of the stress. We wanted to help them be in their best state of mind when taking on daily challenges.

After 18 months of research and development, with many wins and fails, Zendo was born. We tested and tweaked. From the perfect ingredient combination to achieve the calming effect, to the refreshing green tea taste that doesn’t feel chemically like an energy drink. Zendo is the culmination of over a year’s worth of work to create a deliciously functional, 100% healthy ingredient drink that offers a unique blend of high quality green tea (natural source of L-theanine), passiflora, magnesium, and B vitamins that help relieve stress and contribute to optimal focus.

Today, the dream has finally come true. We want you to enjoy Zendo and send us your feedback. We love to hear how the drink is helping you keep your head in the game, and making your success happen.


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Zendo is hiring! We have an opening for a student internship starting September 2017.


1. Participate in the strategic brainstorming sessions with the co-founders, the brand manager and the marketing experts.

2. Participate in marketing & sales actions around Belgium and abroad

3. Organizing various events: promotion of Zendo in points of sales, brand activation events, and so on.

4. Wide range of tasks applied to a start-up.

5. Continue to expand the distribution network of Zendo all over Belgium and Europe in general. This means that as a salesperson, you will have the responisibility to acquire new clients and to persuade them to include Zendo in their beverage portfolio.


1. Language: French or Dutch + English

2. Team player, autonomous and strong ability to adapt to new situations.

3. Strong communication skills.

4. Quick thinker / fast mover.

5. Entrepreneurial spirit.

6. Have your own laptop

7. Your own car

What we Offer:

This is a great learning opportunity to participate in the launch of a new product on the Belgian and International market, and to experience the real start-up life. You will have a very diverse internship in so ever growing company.

For more information send us your CV & Motivation Letter to [email protected]
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Balance in life is crucial. "Balance is not something you find, it's something you create".


Info on shops and online store at

Instagram @ zendodrink


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Don’t let stress get in
the way of your success.

Zendo’s simple, 100% healthy ingredients are
proven to help keep you calm so you can focus on
delivering your best in the face of daily challenges.



Has been clinically proven to relax
the muscles and contributes to
a good mental performance


vitamin B

Improve memorisation and focus.
Zendo contains a mix of
vitamins B1, B5, B6, and B9.



A South American medicinal plant that has been used for centuries in many countries. It is clinically proven that Passiflora has calming effects and contributes to maintaining optimal cognitive functioning.


Zendo is inspired by Japanese tradition. Green tea was said to allow Japanese Zen Masters to meditate for countless hours, channeling their inner peaceful warrior. Through this intense concentration they were able think deeply on problems and find solutions to worldy challenges. “Zendo,” in Japan, refers to the room where meditation is practiced.

Above all, Zendo is the result of months of research in partnership with leading-edge universities and laboratories, such as Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition. That’s why Zendo is a unique combination of healthy active ingredients whose effects on calmness and concentration are scientifically proven. The studies, referenced in the “scientific study” section, are available on request.


5 out of 5

Zendo Drink – Peach Ginger (24 cans)


Zendo Drink GREEN TEA PEACH GINGER – 24 x 250 ml

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      ZENDO is the first refreshing drink in Europe that contributes to more calm & focus thanks to its unique combination of healthy ingredients of natural origin with scientifically proven effects.

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      1000 Brussels, BELGIUM

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